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The Crafts Village®️ Academy is an Art & Crafts School in Lagos to learn creative art & crafts courses such as Drawing & Paintings, Paper Crafts, Weaving & Basketry, Shoe & Bag Making, Sculpting, Pottery & Clay Molding, Tie & Die and lots more for both kids & adults.

This initiative is focused on identifying & teaching arts & crafts as an alternative sources of livelihood for the young & intermediary people interested in learning & starting a business/make a living from the creative trade.

Hence, we explore the possibility of partnering professional tutors & skilled creative individuals to create a platform that would offer a go-to destination to learn different art & craft skills which in turn promotes employment and income generating source for young & creative people in Nigeria.

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Why Choose us


We partner with & employ the most Professional Tutors and Skilled Creative individuals to create that go-to destination to learn different Art & Craft Skills

Our Mission


Our mission is to become the leading & first call destination for all Art & Craft Trainings, with branches across all 36 States & FCT in Nigeria. 

Our Visions


Our vision is to train Art & Crafts as viable skills that promotes self-employment and income generating source for young & creative people in Nigeria.

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How was the Academy founded?

Established in October 2017, the CraftsVillage Academy started out when our founder, Mr Olaitan Ogunbekun decided to give back to the society by sharing his creative skills with young & vibrant youths in his environment. This was achieved by picking up many young lads off the streets, train them on different Art & Craft skills, put them on monthly stipends and help them become better versions of themselves.

The CraftsVillage Academy has not only grown from picking up young lads off the streets but has become a place to nurture kids with that creative flare, help intermediates improve on their creative skills as well as train adults on different creative skills that serves as an alternative source of livelihood for them.

What Arts, Crafts & Handicraft Trainings do we offer?

First by understanding the definition of Handicraft; it is defined as skills done with the hands or an occupation or craft done using the hands. It is a traditional main sector of craft and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one’s hands and skill, including work with textiles, moldable and rigid materials, paper, plant fibers, etc.

Examples of creative courses we offer at the Crafts Village® Academy includes but not limited to;

  • Paintings & Portrait Courses
  • Shoe & Bags Making Courses
  • Pottery Making Courses
  • Weaving & Basketry Courses
  • Paper Crafts Courses (Paper-flowers, Gift box making & Handmade Cards making)
  • Crocheting & Knitting Courses
  • Upcycling Crafts
  • Tie & Dye (Adire Making) Courses
  • Wood Crafts Courses
Other Services We Offer

As part of our creative solutions to enable creative individuals/ businesses thrive, we offer a studio facility available for rent as a Training Space to hold different trainings and workshops. This space which is not only pocket-friendly was created to help offer affordable training facility to Creative Entrepreneurs & other small businesses to help ease their trainings & yield maximum profits while passing down their knowledge to other young learners. A solution for all art & craft practitioners or entrepreneurs in the creative industry of Nigeria.

We also offer a Skill Acquisition Programs at the CraftsVillage® Academy which is focused on teaching Art & Crafts as a source of livelihood to people interested in starting a business from the creative trade, as well as bridging the gap in unemployment and lack of skill among the young generation through the opportunity to learn a creative skill. This is an initiative of the Crafts Village Nigeria™ project; a creative outfit that proffers solutions in the Arts, Crafts & creative industry in Nigeria which is focused on identifying & teaching Arts & Crafts as a source of livelihood for the young & intermediary people interested in starting a business from the creative trade.

Lastly is our Kids Art Club; an initiative that focuses on nurturing and building the next generation of creative champions in Nigeria. Our Kids Art Club is ideal for children from Ages 5 – 12 who join other amazing kids to experience unique, fun and engaging Art Projects as we build the next generation of top Artists & Crafters.

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Meet our Team

Ogunbekun Olaitan -Founder, CraftsVillage Academy
Ogunbekun Olaitan
Founder/Creative Director
Anita Mbatah
Anita Mbatah
Academy Manager
Mrs Ogunsina Olubukola
Mrs Ogunsina Olubukola
Adire (Tie & Dye) Tutor
Adelegan Fortune
Adelegan Fortune
Art Tutor
Ife Daniel
Odushe Ifeoluwa Daniel
String Art Tutor
Oladimeji Joseph
Oladimeji Joseph
Digital Painting Tutor
Winifred Olusakin
Winifred Olusakin
Bag Making Tutor
David Goodness
Adiatu David
String Art Tutor
Tosin Alabi
Crocheting Tutor